Energy Efficiency Workshop August 26, 2008

Commission Investigates Cost Recovery For Energy Efficiency Programs: Workshop August 26

On August 26, 2008, the Kansas Corporation Commission will host a workshop to explore methods of cost recovery for energy efficiency programs as part of the Commission's general investigation into energy efficiency program regulation in 08-GIMX-441-GIV and 08-GIMX-442-GIV. The workshop will be held from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the Kansas Association of School Boards, Room 101, 1420 SW Arrowhead Road, Topeka.

Mr. Richard Sedano, a Director and Principal of the Regulatory Assistance Project, will moderate the workshop. The Commission, with the assistance of experts in the field, will explore what, if any, departures from traditional ratemaking should be considered to encourage energy efficiency programs. The workshop will be transcribed to assist the Commission in preparing its order addressing these matters to be issued at the end of October.

This workshop is the second in the Commission's investigation into energy efficiency-related regulatory matters in these dockets. In the Commission's prior workshop in March, also moderated by Mr. Sedano, the Commission examined benefit-cost analysis for energy efficiency programs with the aid of experts in program testing and evaluation.

The Commission's intent is to work collaboratively with utilities and other entities to encourage, facilitate and guide current and future energy efficiency programs. In light of the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency's reports and guidelines, the Commission seeks to develop a regulatory framework that will support energy efficiency program development in Kansas while addressing utility interests and the interests of ratepayers.