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Glossary of Motor Carrier Abbreviations


AAMVA American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
AASHTO American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials
ANSI American National Standards Institute
ASPEN (Not an acronym)
ATA American Trucking Association
CDL Commercial Driver's License
CDLIS Commercial Driver's License Information System
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CMV Commercial Motor Vehicle
CMVSA Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act
CR Compliance Review
CRA Compliance & Regulatory Affairs
CV Commercial Vehicle
CVIEW Commercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window
CVISN Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks
CVSA Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance
DBA Doing Business As
DMV Department of Motor Vehicles
DOE Department of Energy
DOT Department of Transportation
DOT-SP Special Permit issued by PHMSA
DOR Department of Revenue
DVIR Driver Vehicle Inspection Report
DVIS Driver Vehicle Inspection System
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
EMS Emergency Medical Services
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FEIN Federal Employer Identification Number
FHVUT Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax
FHWA Federal Highway Administration
FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
FMCSR Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
FTA Federal Transit Authority
GVW Gross Vehicle Weight
GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
GCWR Gross Combination Weight Rating
GPS Global Positioning System
HAZMAT Hazardous Materials
HM Hazardous Materials
HOS Hours of Service
HSWIM High Speed Weigh In Motion
HVRUT Heavy Vehicle Road Use Tax
HVUT Heavy Vehicle Use Tax
ICC Interstate Commerce Commission
IFTA International Fuel Tax Agreement
IMS Information Management Systems
INK Information Network of Kansas
INS Immigrant and Naturalization Service
IRP International Registration Plan
IRS Internal Revenue Service
ITS Intelligent Transportation Systems
KAR Kansas Administrative Regulations
K.S.A. Kansas Statutes Annotated
KCC Kansas Corporation Commission
KDA Kansas Department of Agriculture
KDEM Kansas Department of Emergency Management
KDOR Kansas Department of Revenue
KDOT Kansas Department of Transportation
KHP Kansas Highway Patrol
KMCA Kansas Motor Carriers Association
KRMCA Kansas Ready Mixed Concrete Association
KTA Kansas Turnpike Authority
LLC Limited Liability Company
LVC Longer Vehicle Combination
LIMO Limousine
LP Limited Partnership
LLP Limited Liability Partnership
MCMIS Motor Carrier Management Information System
MCSAP Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program
MCSB Motor Carrier Service Bureau
MCI Motor Carrier Inspection Division of the KHP
MCID Motor Carrier Identification
MPG Miles Per Gallon
MRO Medical Review Officer
MVR Motor Vehicle Record
NAFTA North America Free Trade Agreement
NARUC National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
NCSTS National Conference of State Transportation Specialist
NHS National Highway System
NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NSA National Safety Council
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board
OOS Out of Service
OS/OW Oversize/Overweight
OSHA Occupational Safety & Health Association
OTR Over the Road
PREPASS Port of Entry Advanced Sorting System
PHMSA Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
POE Port of Entry
PSC Public Service Commission
PUC Public Utility Commission
SAFER Safety and Fitness Electronic Records
SAFETEA-LU Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy of Users
SAP Substance Abuse Professional
SCRA Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association
SSN Social Security Number
SSRS Single State Registration System
STB Surface Transportation Board
TRB Transportation Research Board
TRIS Truck Routing Information System
TSA Transportation Security Administration
UCR Unified Carrier Registration
USC United States Code
USDOT United States Department of Transportation
VC Vertical clearance
VIN Vehicle Identification Number
WIM Weigh in Motion
WLL Working Load Limit
WWW World Wide Web

Notice of Motor Carrier Applications

The following motor carriers have filed various applications. All applications listed herein are for statewide authority, unless otherwise stated. Requests to inspect and copy the notices provided to the parties, and questions in regard to these applications should be addressed to the State Corporation Commission, Transportation Division, 1500 SW Arrowhead Road, Topeka, Kansas 66604-4027, (785) 271-3145. To lodge an official complaint, please submit your protest in writing, supported by relevant facts, to Mike Hoeme, Director of Transportation, 1500 SW Arrowhead Road, Topeka, Kansas 66604-4027. This must be done within 30 days of the "Publish Date" for a certificate of public service, and within 10 days for all other applications.

Application for Certificate of Public Service

  • ZAPATA TRUCKING L.L.C., 112 W LA MESA DR , DODGE CITY, KS  67801-2836  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171746, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • FBM LOGISTICS L.L.C., dba FOUNDATION BUILDING MATERIALS - HINDLITER TRUCKING, 1477 S FRANKLIN RD , INDIANAPOLIS, IN  46239-1120  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171740, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • MAIN STREET AUTO BODY & TOW INC, 212 N MAIN ST , LANSING, KS  66043-1314  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 145183, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • FLINT HILLS MOVING L.L.C., 2450 ROSENCUTTER RD , MANHATTAN, KS  66502-8115  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171671, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • JOEL J PRIETO-CASTILLO, dba JJ EXPRESS, 1023 N WESTERN AVE APT D, LIBERAL, KS  67901-2561  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171742, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • BIG TWISTER TRUCKING L.L.C., 2216 80TH RD , BURR OAK, KS  66936-1638  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171741, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • T & P HAULING L.L.C., 17776 SW TAWAKONI RD , ROSE HILL, KS  67133-8231  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171743, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • SMITH & SONS TRUCKING L.L.C., 1324 SAGEBRUSH RD , EVEREST, KS  66424-9065  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171744, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • EISENHOUR TRUCKING INC, 430 E CAMDEN ST , STAFFORD, KS  67578-1823  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 161419, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • TRIPLE G TRUCKING L.L.C., 2905 E TRAIL ST LOT 25, DODGE CITY, KS  67801-9067  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171745, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • O & K L.L.C., 2803 N PEARLY JANE AVE , GARDEN CITY, KS  67846-7396  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171750, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • CMT TRANSPORTATION L.L.C., 2302 RAILROAD AVE , GREAT BEND, KS  67530-6908  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171747, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • KTE L.L.C., 2214 S MILSTEAD, WICHITA, KS  67209-3607  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171752, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • SHOCKER CORP, dba SCHIELDS & SONS FARMING, 209 SYCAMORE ST , GOODLAND, KS  67735-1575  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171408, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • B C AND R STORAGE CO INC, 1321 N 3RD ST , LAWRENCE, KS  66044-9109  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 113697, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • HINKLE TRUCKING L.L.C., 106 S SEVERY, SEVERY, KS  67137  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171748, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • TM TRUCKING L.L.C., 1625 FAULDERS LN, WICHITA, KS  67218-4609  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171755, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • WILLIAM JOSEPH REYNOLDS SR, dba HEARTLAND COACH TRANSPORTATION, 3000 N 8TH ST , INDEPENDENCE, KS  67301-1741  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171754, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • K2 L.L.C., 1335 2000TH ST , IOLA, KS  66749-3976  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171753, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • CARPE DIEM LOGISTICS L.L.C., 1105 SUPERIOR ST , PLAINS, KS  67869-6926  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171756, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • DB&B TRUCKING L.L.C., 304 Z AVE , COUNCIL GROVE, KS  66846-8339  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171757, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • ROCKING M TRUCKING L.L.C., 402 1ST STREET, LINN, KS  66953-9716  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171758, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • CINCH LIVESTOCK L.L.C., 100 W 2ND, TESCOTT, KS  67484-9779  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171762, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • DARREL ARREDONDO, dba CAPITAL TOWING SERVICES, 635 SE 7TH ST , TOPEKA, KS  66607-1128  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170693, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • HNOS ESCOBEDO TRUCKING L.L.C., 2415 N CHAUTAUQUA AVE , WICHITA, KS  67219-4824  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171761, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • C & V HOME IMPROVEMENT INC, 1107 10TH ST , GREAT BEND, KS  67530-5614  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171759, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • DARRIN JAMES WERNER, dba CENTRAL PLAINS TRANSPORT, 757 N YOUNG ST , WICHITA, KS  67212-2654  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171763, Publish Date: 13-MAR-17
  • KOEHN TRANSPORT L.L.C., 1621 22ND AVE , GALVA, KS  67443-8834  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171771, Publish Date: 20-MAR-17
  • SUMMIT TOWING SERVICES L.L.C., 1212 SE 4TH TERR, LEE'S SUMMIT, MO  64063-3110  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171772, Publish Date: 20-MAR-17
  • HARVEST AG TRANSPORT L.L.C., 1556 RD 240, SUBLETTE, KS  67877  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171773, Publish Date: 20-MAR-17
  • STEVE LAMMERS, dba STEVE LAMMERS EXPRESS, 186 RD . K, INAVALE, NE  68952-5105  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 157144, Publish Date: 20-MAR-17
  • SHULER TRANSPORT INC, 315 W 2ND ST , COLBY, KS  67701-2137  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171774, Publish Date: 20-MAR-17
  • FLINT HILLS STONE L.L.C., 24176 PRAIRIE VIEW RD , ALMA, KS  66401-8743  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 168755, Publish Date: 20-MAR-17
  • L & N CORPORATION INC, dba SUNRISE TRUCKING, 307 FIRESIDE, DODGE CIYT, KS  67801-6006  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171782, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • ROBERTO GARRIDO BUENO, dba ABC EXPRESS, 2003 CENTRAL AVE , DODGE CITY, KS  67801-6410  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171781, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • ISELA MARTINEZ, dba MOUSE EXPRESS, 5760 CRESTVIEW DR , GARDEN CITY, KS  67846-9025  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171780, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • RAFTER M TRUCKING L.L.C., 1704 SW 70TH ST , EL DORADO, KS  67042-9026  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171779, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • CESAR I MENDEZ, dba MENDEZ TRUCKING, 1401 S CLAY AVE , LIBERAL, KS  67901-4715  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171778, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • JACOB ALEXANDER FAJARDO, dba KJ TRUCKING, 2930 NANCY PL, GARDEN CITY, KS  67846-7399  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171777, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • SAMCO TRUCKING L.L.C., 268 RD 11, WINONA, KS  67764  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171776, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • DRY RIVER TRANSPORT L.L.C., 141 N BOCA, ELKHART, KS  67950  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 166813, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • MASON KENT MACKLEY, dba MASON MACKLEY, 774 COUNTY RD G, LEVANT, KS  67743-9202  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171775, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • G & W TRUCKING L.L.C., 4869 E MENTOR RD , GYPSUM, KS  67448-9742  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171783, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • VARCO MOTORS L.L.C., 16948 HWY K16, DENISON, KS  66419-9648  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 162994, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • JORGE L HERNANDEZ RIOS, dba JH TRANSPORTS, 2601 W MARY ST LOT 408, GARDEN CITY, KS  67846-2654  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171785, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • SERGIO SANCHEZ BENITEZ, dba SANCHEZ EXPRESS, 208 PENNSYLVANIA AVE , GARDEN CITY, KS  67846-5048  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171784, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • HALL'S BODY SHOP INC, 310 W SANTA FE TRAIL, LAKIN, KS  67860-9454  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 121349, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • SEVEN SON'S TRUCKING L.L.C., 18480 S MOONLIGHT RD , GARDNER, KS  66030-9606  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170785, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • TX VALLEY PRODUCE AND MEAT DISTRIBUTION INC, 1021 S 12TH ST , KANSAS CITY, KS  66105-1612  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170926, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • RTM TRANSPORT L.L.C., 700 W SYCAMORE, INDEPENDENCE, KS  67301-2647  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171789, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • HJH ONE WAY TOWING L.L.C., 9550 E LINCOLN APT 111, WICHITA, KS  67027-3544  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171602, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • MICHAEL D CLEMEN, dba CLEMEN TRANSPORT, 3353 FLOYD RD , DYERSVILLE, IA 52040-8706  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171705, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • MELVIN J FECHTER & ALTHEA M FECHTER, dba GRAIN BELT EXPRESS, 132 W 2ND ST , MINONK, IL 61760  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171790, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • PRAIRIE EARTH TOURS L.L.C., 1219 WALNUT ST , EMPORIA, KS  66801-5511  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171557, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • MOYER TRUCKING L.L.C., 530 WEBSTER CT , ERIE, KS  66733-9513  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171793, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • HENRY D BOHL, 439 W OSAGE RD , PHILLIPSBURG, KS  67661-7038  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171792, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • ROGER ENSZ, 202 S AZTEC, MONTEZUMA, KS  67867  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171794, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • FRANCISCO JAVIER GOMEZ DOMINQUEZ, dba GOMEZ & SONS TRANSPORT, 2821 BELMONT PL, GARDEN CITY, KS  67846-7324  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171683, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • PONCIANO TRANSPORT L.L.C., 5800 MANFIELD RD LOT 31, GARDEN CITY, KS  67846-8114  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171694, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • JESCHKE HARVESTING L.L.C., 1090 205TH ST , TROY, KS  66087-4004  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171708, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • DUSTIN WYLAND, dba OLIN WYLAND TRUCKING, 204 W 10TH ST , MULBERRY, KS  66756-4014  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171795, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • HAMILTON TOWING & RECOVERY L.L.C., 1708 DIRR AVE , PARSONS, KS  67357-3063  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171796, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • TWISTED TRANSPORT L.L.C., 109 W 4TH ST , ELLINWOOD, KS  67526-1510  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171798, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • J MORRISON TRUCKING L.L.C., 2882 HWY 150, MARION, KS  66861-9440  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171797, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • RUNAWAY TRANSPORTATION L.L.C., 6305 LAKECREST DR , SHAWNEE, KS  66218-8987  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171799, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • JOSEPH L HIRSCH, dba SUNFLOWER STATE TOURS, 505 E BROADWAY, HOPE, KS  67451-9172  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171800, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • NIGHT TRAIN EXPRESS L.L.C., 624 W PAUL ST , TROY, KS  66087-5229  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171801, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • AMERICAN EAGLE VAN LINES INC, 126 S 5TH ST , NORFOLK, NE  68701-5218  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171566, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • POORBOY TRANSPORTATION L.L.C., 12386 HWY P, NEW CAMBRIA, MO  63558-3113  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171805, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • QUIVIRA HAULING CORP, 425 W GREENWOOD AVE , LITTLE RIVER, KS  67457-9197  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171806, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • BABCOCK TRUCKING L.L.C., 21059 DULUTH RD , ONAGA, KS  66521-9456  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171807, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • PRECISION TOWING & RECOVERY L.L.C., 923 W 54TH ST S, WICHITA, KS  67217-5464  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171802, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • BRICKLEY ENTERPRISES L.L.C., dba AJ'S SERVICES & SUN FLOWER SEPTIC, 1101 S MAIN ST , EL DORADO, KS  67042-9767  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 170963, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • PRAIRIE CREEK TRANSPORT L.L.C., 2197 NW 160TH ST , BURNS, KS  66840-8843  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171804, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • SEK COOP INC, 700 W RUTLEDGE, YATES CENTER, KS  66783-2005  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 150047, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • CRYSTAL'S LIVESTOCK EXPRESS L.L.C., 692 E 600 AVE , PITTSBURG, KS  66762-8517  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 260276, Publish Date: 10-APR-17
  • ANDERES TRUCKING L.L.C., 4349 S KIPP RD , GYPSUM, KS  67448-9753  Kansas Motor Carrier Id: 171787, Publish Date: 10-APR-17




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