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June 22, 2017

KCC approves seven energy efficiency programs

Topeka - Today, the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) approved seven energy efficiency programs designed to help residential and business customers of Kansas City Power and Light Company (KCP&L) reduce their energy consumption. The seven programs were part of a suite of programs proposed by the utility in an application filed on April 6, 2016.

The application is the first to come before the Commission under the Kansas Energy Efficiency Investment Act (KEEIA) enacted by the Legislature in 2014. Under KEEIA, the KCC can approve energy efficiency programs and cost recovery mechanisms proposed by electric and natural gas utilities for their retail customers if they are cost effective and reduce energy consumption. The exceptions are education programs and programs targeted to low income customers. Those programs can be approved if they are in the public interest and supported by a reasonable budget.

The seven programs approved today include three offerings for residential customers, two programs for business customers and two educational programs.

Residential Programs

  • Home Lighting Rebate Program
  • Income-Eligible Weatherization Program
  • Income-Eligible Efficiency Program for Multi-Family Residences

Business Programs

  • Business Energy Efficiency Rebate – Standard
  • Demand Response Incentive

Educational Programs

  • Online Home Energy Audit Program
  • Online Business Energy Audit Program

Seven additional programs proposed by KCP&L were not approved after failing to meet the Commission’s benefit/cost tests. The following programs were not approved:

Residential Programs not approved

  • Residential Programmable Thermostat Program
  • Whole House Energy Efficiency Program
  • Home Energy Report

Business Programs not approved

  • Business Energy Efficiency Rebate – Custom
  • Strategy Energy Management Program
  • Block Bidding
  • Small Business Direct Install Program

Today’s Commission order can be viewed at


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