Registered Internet Service Providers

The Internet Service Provider (ISP) Registry is maintained by the KCC in accordance with K.S.A 66-2011 (a/k/a House Bill 2728, Section 12).

Under this statute, ISPs providing dial up internet service in the State of Kansas are required to register with the Commission.  There is no charge for this registration and there is no regulation imposed on the ISPs.

The purpose of the registration is twofold:

  1. To determine customer eligibility for the flat rate $15.00 (limited) or $30.00 (unlimited) long distance access rates.  These rates are only available to customers who do not have local dial up (7-digit) access to an ISP, and;
  2. To provide a single authoritative listing of ISP access numbers for local telephone companies to use in processing service orders.

The registration is maintained in two formats:

  • An alphabetic list containing the name, address, contact name, phone number.
  • A list of all Kansas cities, in alphabetical order,  with the identification of participating ISPs, their service access number and maximum modem speed.

The intent of this registration list is not to assist in selecting an ISP, but to determine eligibility for flat rate long distance access rates for dial up internet service. This listing does NOT include broadband internet service providers.

ISPs wishing to initially register, or to provide updates, should do so by completing the registration form (pdf format). The completed form should be forwarded to the KCC Utilities Division, Attn: ISP Registration, 1500 SW Arrowhead Road, Topeka, KS 66604-4027 or via fax at 785.271.3357.

Service Providers in Kansas

Enter the name of a city or service provider for which you want information. Check this box for location and access line information returned with a service provider search.

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