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August 9, 2016

Kansas Corporation Commission expands area subject to saltwater injection

Topeka, KS - Today the Kansas Corporation Commission (KCC) approved an order that puts additional limits on the amount of saltwater that oil producers may inject into the Arbuckle formation in south central Kansas.

In March 2015, the Commission's original order limited injection in five areas of concern in parts of Harper and Sumner counties. The reduced volume coincided with a reduction of 2.5 magnitude or larger earthquakes; however, data has shown an increase in smaller earthquakes outside of those areas.

As a result, today's order puts a 16,000 barrel per day injection limit on the 2016 Specified Area which includes Harper and Sumner counties as well as parts of Kingman, Sedgwick and Barber counties. The 8,000 barrels per day limit on the 2015 Specified Area targeted in the original order remains in effect. KCC staff will monitor the seismic activity in the area and report back to the Commission in the spring of 2017.

KCC Commissioner Shari Feist Albrecht dissented in the order. The order, dissenting opinion, and maps of the relevant areas can be viewed at:


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