Your Utility Bill: Payment Methods Available*

Each electric, natural gas or water utility regulated by the KCC is required to offer its customers these methods of bill payment:

  • Payment by mail using check or money order
  • Payment in person using check, money order or cash

Companies may offer these optional methods:

  • Payment by electronic check
    • No service fee may be added to the customer’s bill to use this service
  • Payment by a debit, credit or ATM card
    • A reasonable service fee will be applied if you choose to use this form of payment
    • The company is required to disclose this fee in advance of you choosing this payment method
    • The fee is expected to cover the company’s transaction costs associated with use of these cards. Other customers not paying with credit cards will not be expected to help pay for the company’s cost to provide this service.
    • Each utility accepting these cards shall provide a toll-free number for customers to make payments by phone

* This summary is provided for information purposes only. The Kansas Corporation Commission has minimum standards which companies must follow in providing appropriate payment methods to their customers. Companies under the jurisdiction of the KCC will be required to meet the specifics outlined in these standards.


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