Glossary of Motor Carrier Abbreviations


AAMVA American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators
AASHTO American Association of State Highway & Transportation Officials
ANSI American National Standards Institute
ASPEN (Not an acronym)
ATA American Trucking Association
CDL Commercial Driver's License
CDLIS Commercial Driver's License Information System
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CMV Commercial Motor Vehicle
CMVSA Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Act
CR Compliance Review
CRA Compliance & Regulatory Affairs
CV Commercial Vehicle
CVIEW Commercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window
CVISN Commercial Vehicle Information Systems and Networks
CVSA Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance
DBA Doing Business As
DMV Department of Motor Vehicles
DOE Department of Energy
DOT Department of Transportation
DOT-SP Special Permit issued by PHMSA
DOR Department of Revenue
DVIR Driver Vehicle Inspection Report
DVIS Driver Vehicle Inspection System
EDI Electronic Data Interchange
EFT Electronic Funds Transfer
EMS Emergency Medical Services
EPA Environmental Protection Agency
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FEIN Federal Employer Identification Number
FHVUT Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax
FHWA Federal Highway Administration
FMCSA Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
FMCSR Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations
FTA Federal Transit Authority
GVW Gross Vehicle Weight
GVWR Gross Vehicle Weight Rating
GCWR Gross Combination Weight Rating
GPS Global Positioning System
HAZMAT Hazardous Materials
HM Hazardous Materials
HOS Hours of Service
HSWIM High Speed Weigh In Motion
HVRUT Heavy Vehicle Road Use Tax
HVUT Heavy Vehicle Use Tax
ICC Interstate Commerce Commission
IFTA International Fuel Tax Agreement
IMS Information Management Systems
INK Information Network of Kansas
INS Immigrant and Naturalization Service
IRP International Registration Plan
IRS Internal Revenue Service
ITS Intelligent Transportation Systems
KAR Kansas Administrative Regulations
K.S.A. Kansas Statutes Annotated
KCC Kansas Corporation Commission
KDA Kansas Department of Agriculture
KDEM Kansas Department of Emergency Management
KDOR Kansas Department of Revenue
KDOT Kansas Department of Transportation
KHP Kansas Highway Patrol
KMCA Kansas Motor Carriers Association
KRMCA Kansas Ready Mixed Concrete Association
KTA Kansas Turnpike Authority
LLC Limited Liability Company
LVC Longer Vehicle Combination
LIMO Limousine
LP Limited Partnership
LLP Limited Liability Partnership
MCMIS Motor Carrier Management Information System
MCSAP Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program
MCSB Motor Carrier Service Bureau
MCI Motor Carrier Inspection Division of the KHP
MCID Motor Carrier Identification
MPG Miles Per Gallon
MRO Medical Review Officer
MVR Motor Vehicle Record
NAFTA North America Free Trade Agreement
NARUC National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners
NCSTS National Conference of State Transportation Specialist
NHS National Highway System
NHTSA National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
NSA National Safety Council
NTSB National Transportation Safety Board
OOS Out of Service
OS/OW Oversize/Overweight
OSHA Occupational Safety & Health Association
OTR Over the Road
PREPASS Port of Entry Advanced Sorting System
PHMSA Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration
POE Port of Entry
PSC Public Service Commission
PUC Public Utility Commission
SAFER Safety and Fitness Electronic Records
SAFETEA-LU Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy of Users
SAP Substance Abuse Professional
SCRA Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association
SSN Social Security Number
SSRS Single State Registration System
STB Surface Transportation Board
TRB Transportation Research Board
TRIS Truck Routing Information System
TSA Transportation Security Administration
UCR Unified Carrier Registration
USC United States Code
USDOT United States Department of Transportation
VC Vertical clearance
VIN Vehicle Identification Number
WIM Weigh in Motion
WLL Working Load Limit
WWW World Wide Web


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