Underground Utility Damage Prevention

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Please include the city, address, and description of the damage in your email. If available, an investigator may be sent to the scene. Please note that this does not fulfill the reporting requirements of large utility operators listed below.

Kansas Statutes, Kansas Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act effective July 1, 2009

Kansas Administrative Regulations, Implementing the Kansas Underground Damage Prevention Act

Kansas Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act: Excavator and Utility Operator Obligations

Penalty Orders Issued for Violations of KUUDPA

Kansas One-Call

Presentation for KRWA: One Call Requirements for Water and Waste Water Operators

Damage Information Reporting Tool
Kansas Regulations K.A.R. 82-14-3 require each operator that receives more than 2,000 requests for facility locates in a calendar year to file a damage report at least semiannually with the Kansas Corporation Commission. The report is to be filed by August 1 for the preceding six months of January through June, and by February 1 for the preceding six months of July through December. The KCC has arranged for electronic filing using a Kansas version of the Damage Information Reporting Tool prepared by the Common Ground Alliance. All data will be placed in a common database in order to develop statistics relevant to Kansas. However, each contributor may only view its own data.

Sample Forms


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