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Internet Service providers

How to Obtain Internet Service

The Kansas Corporation Commission has established and maintains a Internet Service Provider (ISP) List. This list provides consumer information about ISPs that serve different cities in the state. To find out if there is an ISP serving a certain city, consumers should fill out the city name in the blank on the form. All providers serving that area will appear. Specific information about a provider can then be obtained by entering the name of the provider.

If no ISP is offering local dial up service, the local telephone company must provide a flat rate calling plan to connect you to the ISP of your choice. This fee for this plan will vary with the maximum amount charged of $30.00 for unlimited minutes of usage. After signing up for this plan, a consumer may then contact any ISP within their area code to provide internet access. Different ISPs have different plans with different charges. The consumer would then be charged a flat fee by the local telephone company and a fee by the ISP.

The Kansas legislature included this provision in the 1996 Telecommunications Act to enable all Kansans to access the internet at a reasonable cost.

If you have any questions or concerns about internet service, please call the KCC Consumer Protection Office at 800.662.0027 outside Topeka or 785.271.3140 in the Topeka area.


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